Woof Woof i'm Milo the cheeky terrier. I am very stressed and would love to go on exciting adventures. Shall we go together??

Age: 5 yrs 6 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Terrier

Milo's Notes:

  • friendly with dogs
  • can't live with dogs
  • can't live with children

Milo is a active boy who found himself back in our care through no fault of his own. He is full of energy and enjoys getting out for walks all day long if he could. Milo does have quite bad seperation anxiety and gets himself very stressed when left alone, so is looking for a home with someone home for the majority of the time and only to be left for very short periods. He is a typical terrier who is strong willed and likes to do his own thing, but requires people to give him stability and boundaries inside the home so will suit people who have terrier experience. Milo is looking for an active owner to take him on adventures and long walks to keep him both physically and mentally stimulated, along with plenty of playtime in the garden which he loves nothing more than doing. Milo has been around plenty of dogs since being with us and is more than happy to interact. He gets very excitable and overly boisterous which a lot of dogs do not like as he does not stop, so is looking to be the Only Pet in the home, but to be socialised regularly on walks.
We have been told by his previous home that when they went to leave him, he would get stressed, panic and try to grab feet, we have seen similar behaviours from him here in kennels and have started to work on this and our behaviour team will be able to advise on this. Due to this behaviour, he is looking for an Adult Only home.
Anyone interested would need to visit multiple times to build up a bond with him and work alongside the behaviour staff on site.
We hope Milo isn’t with us for long as he would be any hill walkers best friend..

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