Happy Tails

Animal stories with happy endings! Do you have a Happy Tail about an animal you have adopted from NCAR. We’d love to hear about it so get in touch!

Mabel’s Happy Tail

I adopted Mabel at 5 months old in March 2022. She was the dog I never knew I needed. She is funny, loveable, and the most sociable dog there is! She loves everyone and every dog, she loves sniffing every…

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Fred’s Happy Tail

This is Fred (was Fernando) he has been with us for 8 years now. He has been the easiest dog we have ever had, good with people, good with any other animals and loves playing with other dogs. How someone…

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Nala’s Happy Tail

We adopted Nala (was Elle) in October 2022. At the time she has just been returned to the rescue due to a failed renaming and she was very timid, skinny and would refuse to walk even out of the grounds…

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Lydia’s Happy Tail

We adopted Lydia from you a year ago and she has gone from a scared little thing that had never really experienced the world to this tiny adventurer. She likes sand but not the sea, she has conquered castles and…

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breeze's happy tail

Breeze’s Happy Tail

We adopted Breeze (was Heidi) in September 2020. She is a fabulous dog, very social, dog friendly and lives an active, happy life with our younger rescue dog. Breeze loves to play ball and we eventually trained her to detect…

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leo and friend

Leo’s Happy Tail

Leo came into the rescue slightly broken. He was extremely nervous of new faces and was not very nice to the staff at first, absolutely terrified. They quickly learned that Leo loved other dogs and started to get him some…

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Diesel’s Happy Tail

“Let’s go and volunteer at NCAR” was the start of our journey. Wandering up the driveway with excitement and with great anticipation. Out come a tan coloured Staffie and  that was it. Welcome our lump of gorgeousness Diesel. He was…

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robis happy tail

Robi’s Happy Tail

My caption for this photo would be .. Robi feet off the table or we won’t be getting any treats 😱. Ozzy was adopted by us from NCAR in October 2021 and in October 2022 we adopted Robi from NCAR.…

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ivys happy tail

Ivy’s Happy Tail

We adopted Ivy at 3 months old, she didn’t have a bad start to life but had been handed into the rescue to find a home that would suit her activity and stimulation requirements. We lost our oldest dog in…

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elsas happy tail

Elsa’s Happy Tail

Elsa – from abandoned on the streets to dog of honour at our wedding!  From the moment we saw Elsa’s advert on the NCAR website, we knew we had to have her!  We have always been dog lovers but as…

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