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Animal Rescue Centres in the UK are in crisis | Rescue Vet with Dr Scott Miller: Dr Scott learns the shocking truth about the Rescue Centre crisis in the UK in this documentary about the essential role of NCAR in helping animals in need.

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All You Need To Know About Adopting A Cat

Give a cat a loving new home

We have many beautiful cats in need of happy new homes and you can find out how to adopt a cat on this page.

We like our cats to be loved and cared for but obviously every cat loves to explore outside and we ask that you keep your cat in for up to six weeks initially to get them settled and used to your home and family before letting them outside to explore.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for families with children who want to adopt a cat

We do not home cats at all to families with children under the age of 2 years old, for the safety of our cats and your children.

And, like your children, all our animals are individual. As such, each adoption will be considered on that basis. Our staff are on hand to advise on the character and suitability of each cat.

Feral cats and kittens

adopt a cat

We often have Feral cats and kittens that need rural, farm homes who would prefer to live in barns rather than a home.

Semi-feral cats and. kittens can be domesticated if given enough time and and plenty of handling by someone experienced. Once they trust you, they can become very friendly.

Deciding to adopt a cat

First of all check out the list below but please don’t feel intimidated. We would just want to help you decide if you would like to adopt one of our cats, and we hope to see you soon at the rescue.

Important factors to consider before adopting a cat

  • Have you got enough money to afford vet bills now and in the future?
  • Did you know the average cat costs around £500 per year?
  • Do you have very young children? Would it be better to wait to adopt a cat until your child is slightly older? (If your child is 2 or younger we would not be able to offer adoption)
  • Will your cat be sleeping inside or out?
  • Do you realise a cat is for life not just for Christmas?
  • Cats from the rescue may not always be completely house trained in which case we will provide advice
  • Do you have any holidays booked in the next few months, if so we would advise you to leave it till you get back from your hols!
  • After reserving a cat at the rescue, there will be a home check, to make sure your home is suitable.

We always do a home check on every cat which is adopted from the rescue. We need to make sure that the home is suitable for a cat and that you don’t live next to a main road where the cat may be injured.

Meeting the cat

Once you’ve chosen your cat, our caring cattery team will offer you more assistance and advice. They have a personal bond with each cats and can give you valuable insights.

Visiting NCAR

Once you have completed the online application you will receive an email within a few days inviting you to visit the rescue for an appointment to view the cat.

Adoption process

We’ll give you time to bond with your potential new best friend. Please don’t hesitate to ask our cattery staff questions about the cats as they know them best.

adoption timescale

The adoption process takes around a week to complete, including the home check (may vary). On collection allow time to fill out the necessary paperwork.

There is an adoption fee which includes the cost of a number of vet treatments.

If you were to take the cat to the vets yourselves the suggested adoption donations would not cover the costs.

Cats (6 months and over)£95
Kittens (up to 6 months)£120

On reserving a cat, we will need a deposit of £10 per cat or or kitten

The adoption process shouldn’t take much more than a week to be completed, home check included (this may vary by location).

Check out which cats would love to be adopted

We don’t receive any government funding, so we rely on donations and support from people like you to cover the costs of caring for homeless animals. and to help us care for them by volunteering. We want to assure you that we take your help and contributions seriously and spend the money responsibly.

Thank you for considering supporting our cause!

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