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project kennel refurb

Project Kennel Refurb 2024

Picture a special place where dogs happily wag their tails, surrounded by a setup designed solely for their comfort. That’s what we want to create with Project Kennel Refurb – a project of great importance. We’ve got some big challenges…

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volunteer cattery assistant

Volunteering at NCAR

Volunteers at NCAR are so important and such a lifeline for our animals. We are so lucky to have the wonderful Louise who is now our volunteer coordinator (many of you will know Louise as she has worked for us…

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Jacque’s Happy Tail

We got Jacque (formerly known as Buster Rhymes) in September 2022 from NCAR. We had a few visits with him where we could see the beginnings of a very cheeky personality, but boy oh boy were we in for a…

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breeze's happy tail

Breeze’s Happy Tail

We adopted Breeze (was Heidi) in September 2020. She is a fabulous dog, very social, dog friendly and lives an active, happy life with our younger rescue dog. Breeze loves to play ball and we eventually trained her to detect…

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Cuddle Blanket Scheme

If you would like to find out more or get involved to help create cuddle blankets for our animals then here is the information you need. The adoption blanket scheme was started by Lesley Davies after she adopted a beautiful…

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