FinD out all about our work in this documentary by our new patron, TV Vet Dr Scott

Animal Rescue Centres in the UK are in crisis | Rescue Vet with Dr Scott Miller: Dr Scott learns the shocking truth about the Rescue Centre crisis in the UK in this documentary about the essential role of NCAR in helping animals in need.

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WhitefielDs Vets: Our very OWN VETERINARY Clinic

Our story

The Whitefields Veterinary Clinic has been operational since 2015 and has proven to be a significant asset to our rescue efforts.

We are now capable of providing spaying and neutering services for hundreds of animals, including early neutering of litters as young as 9 weeks old.

Additionally, we perform a range of medical procedures, dental treatments, and are equipped to handle emergencies onsite.

Thank you for your support

We consider ourselves fortunate to have received generous donations through our Amazon wishlist, allowing us to acquire much-needed equipment.

Furthermore, we have been able to purchase essential equipment through legacies that have been graciously left to us, to make a difference to our clinic and our animals at NCAR.

whitefields vet

Our future

Our clinic boasts an excellent team of professionals, and we find it difficult to imagine life without this fantastic facility.

It is important to note, however, that we currently have limited capacity to care for our onsite animals waiting to be rehomed or in foster care.

While we would love to expand our services to the public in the future, it is currently not feasible, but in time it hopefully will help many more animals in our community.

We don’t receive any government funding, so we rely on donations and support from people like you to cover the costs of caring for homeless animals. and to help us care for them by volunteering. We want to assure you that we take your help and contributions seriously and spend the money responsibly.

Thank you for considering supporting our cause!

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