Laundry Volunteer

volunteer laundry assistant

What's involved

Kennel life is very different to home life. Dogs get stressed in kennels, a lot of bedding gets wet and soiled and must be changed daily. The laundry is a happy place, ideally situated to see and meet dogs out for a walk.

Some of them come in for visits, cuddles and treats. It is good for them to get used to noisy machines and the hustle and bustle of people working.

New volunteers are always welcome, the bigger the team the better. Full cover for the week is difficult when voluntary staff are on holiday or off sick. Full training in the use of the machines and location of stores is provided.

Anyone who can offer a few hours a week would find it very satisfying work and of course there is the bonus of coffee breaks in the on-site cafe and the chance to meet dogs and give them treats and cuddles.

Location: Trelogan

Reports to:

North Clwyd Animal Rescue
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