Volunteers are our Lifeline at NCAR – Volunteers give the animals so much joy and those extra long walks and attention they need whilst they stay at NCAR!

We always welcome more volunteers to join the NCAR volunteer family, so if you can spare a few hours a week or even an hour a month or even more then we would love you to get involved. We don’t mind how much time you can give and we won’t force you to make set days for your volunteering, you just come along when you can and we will be happy to see you!

Volunteers are welcome any day between 8am – 5pm

We really love it when volunteers come along at 8am to just help dog walk or to help clean, this really makes a huge difference to the daily routine.

If you would like to have some extra training on cleaning and daily routine in the kennels or catteries please ask a member of the team who will help you further.

If you are a young volunteer (aged 12 to 16) you are also welcome but you must bring an adult with you, unfortunately due to health and safety reasons we cannot allow any child 12 years or under to volunteer .

It’s so easy to become a volunteer at NCAR

Give the rescue a call on 01745 560546 – They will be able to book you in for a volunteer interview (these are held every Thursday and Friday at NCAR)
When attending the interview this will be an informal chat with an NCAR staff member, we will take this time to learn more about your intrests, skills and ways you can help our charity with volunteering. We wil also fill out a volunteer form with you at this time.

Volunteering at NCAR – From January 2018 *Important information, please read*

At NCAR we are so lucky to have lots of willing volunteers who want to walk dogs at NCAR, for Health and safety reasons we have had to implement the following procedure which will be fully explained in reception when you come and visit us.

You can contact our Volunteer Manager (Jean Sellers) by calling 01745 560546 or emailing jeansellers@ncar.org.uk

 All volunteers must:

1. Attend an volunteer induction for H&S purposes and also your chance to learn more about the charity and volunteer opportunities. It is important to book yourself onto our next induction as, sometimes we have large groups and we try to limit the numbers on each induction so we can give you a nicer experience and we can talk to you more then  (Please call – on 01745 560546) and complete a volunteer registration form

3. Be given an Volunteer ID card on your first visit as a volunteer

We regret that we can no longer allow children under 12 years to accompany adults walking dogs.

Children aged 12 – 16 years can accompany an adult, but we must stress that the adult must be the one that walks the dog (we can provide a 2nd lead if the child would also like to hold the dog)

Any existing volunteers need to attend an induction 10 min presentation + dvd within a month from Jan 2018.

We must stress that this is purely for your own safety and our insurance purposes.

We look forward to seeing you soon and volunteering for NCAR