We are now open but we are running with just a few volunteers on a daily rota basis, we will now be open for new applications.
If you are a registered Volunteer already then please contact us on volunteering@ncar.org.uk

Volunteers are NCAR’s Lifeline.  Volunteers bring so much joy to the animals, with extra-long walks and attention needed whilst they are with us at NCAR waiting for their forever homes.  Volunteers help in so many different areas with the day to day running of the Rescue.   We just couldn’t manage without all the Volunteers who come and give so much of their time and dedication.

If you feel you can spare a few hours a week, some time at the weekend or even a couple of hours a month, we would love you to get involved.

We have relaunched the volunteer experience at NCAR and have a Volunteer Programme from 2020 that will make it easier to apply and shows you the many different areas that you can help us by volunteering.  If any area interests you then please fill out an application form so we can take a look.

Each volunteer role will have a limited number of vacancies and we will, from time to time, take that role down as we fill the vacancies.  We certainly don’t want you to be put off from applying for a volunteer role and perhaps you could apply for more than one role that we could consider you for.  The roles will reappear on the website when vacancies become available so please, if you weren’t successful the first time, don’t be put off applying again.

It’s so easy to become a Volunteer at NCAR

There is a simple online application form and we will then contact you and invite you in for an Interview and Induction.

Click here for Volunteering Vacancies  at NCAR

We hold Inductions monthly and this must be completed before you can Volunteer.  All our Health and Safety procedures will be fully explained during your Induction.

We are hoping that the new Volunteer Programme with NCAR will be an enjoyable experience for you and that you become a long-term member of the NCAR Volunteer Family.

Please take a look at the vacancies that are currently available and if you think you can help, then please do fill in an application form and we look forward to welcoming you very soon.

You can contact our Volunteer Department by calling 01745 560546 or email volunteering@ncar.org.uk for further information.

 All volunteers must:

  1. Apply online for your chosen Volunteer Job.
  2. Attend a volunteer induction for Health and Safety purposes and also your chance to learn more about the charity and volunteer opportunities. 
  3. Be given an Volunteer ID card on your first visit as a volunteer.

We regret that we can no longer allow children under 12 years to accompany adults walking dogs.

Children aged 12 – 16 years can accompany an adult, but we must stress that the adult must be the one that walks the dog (we can provide a 2nd lead if the child would also like to hold the dog).

We must stress that this is purely for your own safety and our insurance purposes.

We look forward to seeing you soon and Volunteering for NCAR


The History of NCAR


In 1978 a group of volunteers banded together and led by Anne Owen, set about rescuing unclaimed stray dogs who had been collected by the police and local councils, held for seven days and were about to be euthanised.   It was a mammoth task.

Mrs Rice at Crecas Farm in Carmel offered to board as many of the dogs as she could and advertisements were placed in local papers and the group went all out to spread the word about the animals in need. They paid all the expenses of boarding, vets fees and advertising. As word spread other volunteers joined them and arranged small fund raising activities and North Clwyd Animal Rescue became a Registered Charity.  By 1985 the work of finding them homes became so great that there was a need for proper premises .

Anne and Neill Owen moved into Maes Gwyn, Neill’s father’s farmhouse . The outbuildings had been sold to a local farmer along with the rest of the farmland. They hoped to build a facility behind the house but planning permission was refused.  In 1990 the situation eased a little when the owners of Alyndale kennels made space available for dogs from the stray pound at Whitford and a cattery  in Halkyn was able to provide some space for kittens and pregnant cats. Whilst continuing to fundraise to keep the animals in their care, the charity was putting aside as much as possible towards buying premises.  Then thanks to a generous bequest the charity had just enough funds to buy back the outbuildings in 1992.

Thanks to a donation from the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust work began on converting the buildings.  There was a tremendous amount of work to be done and very little money available so a lot of the work,digging floors, putting in drains, pouring concrete, building walls etc. was all carried out by volunteers. Soon the catteries and kennels  began to fill up with animals and again, it was volunteers who  helped Anne and her family to look after them with only one paid member of staff.

These pioneers started the tradition of volunteering which has made NCAR what it is today. The work of volunteers has changed as the facility has grown and developed. In 2020 voluntary staff work part time alongside full time staff and assist in the daily routine to maintain the high standards required.

We hope that you to can join the NCAR Volunteer family and continue the story of NCAR