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Animal Rescue Centres in the UK are in crisis | Rescue Vet with Dr Scott Miller: Dr Scott learns the shocking truth about the Rescue Centre crisis in the UK in this documentary about the essential role of NCAR in helping animals in need.

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The rescue, Recovery and rehab of Brave Bobby Bones

Sometimes a rescue case comes into NCAR that really stops us in our tracks, Bobby was one such case.

He was found stray on New Years Eve in Rhyl, North Wales, in a horrific physical condition. His muscle wastage was extensive rendering him barely able to walk. He had minor bite wounds, scratches, bald patches. He’d basically been living in simply dreadful conditions for a long period of time.

He was taken to Prospect House Vets Practice in Colwyn Bay where the team there stabilised him, got him warm, started feeding him and named him Bobby. Big thanks to them for their efforts!

They then reached out to North Clwyd Animal Rescue who immediately agreed to take him into their care. It was decided getting him out on foster was the best thing for him, so they got in touch with Adam (their volunteer canine behaviourist). He also immediately agreed to take him in. So he went on foster with Adam, and his two rescue dogs Nahla and Daisy, whilst remaining under the care of NCAR and their onsite vet team.

Adam kept a video log of Bobby’s progression and rehabilitation, and he was seriously impressed with him!

Bobby’s rehab whilst on foster with Adam from K999

Poor Brave Bobby, he is the worst case of neglect I’ve seen for many years. It’s heartbreaking to see a dog in such a dreadful state, physically he was indeed terrible and I was just praying his mental state wasn’t suffering as badly.

But on to the positives!

Brave Bobby is simply awesome, despite his awful history. He’s positive, friendly, quickly got on with my dogs but most importantly, is a complete cuddle monster!

Yes he’s got almost no muscular strength, yes he falls over a lot, but his positive, loving, fun-seeking attitude is a privilege to work with. He arrived at the vets weighing only 15kgs, so we’ll slowly be building up his whole body to ensure his overall health keeps up, I’ll keep posting about his progress.

YouTube video
Bobby arrives on foster in a shocking state

Brave Bobby’s one week update

I’ve had Bobby with me for a week now and I’m so impressed with how he is progressed this week.

He’s putting on weight well (0.6kg heavier), getting stronger every day, constantly looking for the next thing to meet, explore, investigate or get a fuss from. His energy levels are unbelievable, it really feels like he’s making up for lost time.

His confidence is growing rapidly too, he’s now doing steps with much more ease and can even climb up on the couch now for a cuddle (which is every time I sit down!).

His sleep is much deeper, more consistent and nothing like the fitful disturbed sleep of just a few days ago. He still prefers the heated dog bed though.

He’s clueless about dog play, but Nahla is doing her usual and trying to get him involved and it’s working! He’s learning, growing in confidence and showing more understanding of it (even if Nahla has to always lose!).

Bobby still needs careful management, both with his feeding regime, the amount and type of exercise we do with him, how he interacts with everything he meets etc, just to ensure he continues to progress into the calm friendly socially acceptable dog I know he can be.

I would like to thank everybody who has contributed positively to his plight and journey, either in donations (very much appreciated!), post shares, positive comments, Facebook likes and just general support. North Clwyd Animal Rescue are amazed at the generosity of our animal loving community especially during such difficult financial times.

YouTube video
Bobby’s one week update

Bobby’s Amazing Progress

3 weeks into Bobby’s rehab and progression and he’s still amazing me. Now at 17kgs he’s building up nicely.

He even had a physio session!

Tara from REC Veterinary Physiotherapy, in St Asaph, offered to help him out and donate her time to do some assessments and therapy on him. Tara has supported NCAR in the past.

Tara assessed his gait, posture, balance and worked out which areas he needed working on to ensure he progresses evenly and doesn’t compensate for any weaknesses in his biomechanics. We want to make sure he comes through his ordeal and physical trauma in the best possible condition we can get him in!

Tara has also offered to continue to work with Bobby whilst he is still in my care (under North Clwyd Animal Rescue and their vet team). But Tara has also very kindly offered to continue to work with Bobby even after his adoption!

YouTube video
Bobby, health update and physio

Brave Bobby Bones update!

He’s learning to play fight

Playfighting takes a lot of trust between the dogs to stave of the risk of it turning into an actual fight. It takes a lot of skill, confidence, awareness of, and understanding of, each other’s body language.

Bobby clearly hadn’t had much chance to interact with dogs like this in the past and was clueless.

Nahla is an expert in building confidence in other dogs through play and set about teaching Bobby.

He was pretty unsure but definitely wanted to learn and get involved and showed some good progress!

Being able to play in a socially acceptable manner will go a long way to helping Bobby relax and really enjoy life.

YouTube video
Bobby learns to play

Bobby on the Telly!

I got asked at the last minute to talk to ITV Wales, on behalf of NCAR, about dogs and cats in the cold weather, so I took Bobby along hoping he’d get some screen time!

Bobby was brilliant whilst they filmed him having coats and jumpers put on and off, doing his sits, paws and waits.

He was a perfect TV dog!

Less could be said about me, the presenter went rogue suddenly asking me about wildlife and horses, of which my knowledge is basically zero!

YouTube video
Bobby on the Telly!

Brave Bobby goes offlead

(I loved this filming this update!)

It was time to assess how well Bobby had progressed physically, so I took him to Cheshire View Dog Park near me for a good run around. This gave me chance to really see how he was moving, how he coped with uneven ground, obstacles and little challenges. Also I could see how his stamina was.

Guess what? he was awesome. He had a great time charging about and seemed really capable throughout.

It was brilliant to watch him just being a dog!

(He’s now just under 18kgs for those wondering)

YouTube video
Bobby goes offlead

Bobby’s lead training

Bobby takes to training very well, and once he’s got past his Bulldog excitement, does enjoy learning new things and responds well to reward based exercises. Here is a little lead work we’ve been doing.

YouTube video
Bobby’s lead training

Dr Scott Miller meets Bobby!

Bobby story has touched the hearts of people far and wide, so much so that TV vet Dr Scott Miller asked to come up and meet our boy Bobby.
Dr Scott spent several hours with Bobby, met him, medically examined him from nose to tail and offered to assist in his first hydrotherapy session with Caroline at Mochdre vets! (click the link for info).

Bobby was so impressive that Dr Scott and his team are going to feature him in their new up and coming project!

YouTube video
Dr Scott meets Bobby

Bobby’s adoption video! (The best video yet)

We are now agreed that Bobby is in a great position to progress onto his forever home!
So his video outlines what sort of home we are looking for.

YouTube video
Bobby’s adoption video!

Several weeks on, and no luck yet!

We’ve been working through the applications for Bobby, we haven’t had many and nothing has worked out yet, but fingers crossed the right family come along soon! It’s been a challenging period as, although Bobby has been great, he’s not had much luck.

YouTube video
No luck yet for Bobby

Why I can’t keep foster boy Bobby

Our behaviourist Adam, who is fostering Bobby, is often asked why he doesn’t just keep and adopt Bobby, here’s his reply

YouTube video
Fostering rescue dogs is a vital service

Great news! Bobby’s happy ending and new beginning – find out all about it here

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