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Statement from NCAR

By 19th March 2020 News

NCAR is still open for business, including the cafe. We know that things are changing daily and we are continually checking the Government instructions and making sure that we are doing all that we need to make sure that our staff, volunteers and customers are kept as safe as possible. We appreciate that some of you will be self isolating or limiting your social contact.

Customers and Volunteers

We are taking extra hygiene measures and also asking people to bring their own sanitiser and wash their hands more. We are also asking volunteers to bring their own slip leads when walking dogs if at all possible, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.


We have now introduced an appointment only system and if you are looking at adopting a pet then we will welcome you to see our animals but on an appointment only basis.  This will help us reduce the amount of people we have on our site at one time, to prevent any groups of people.  We will now speak to everyone via phone interview and then invite you to come in for an appointment for the foreseeable future until we can get back to normal.

Our Charity shops are remaining open but aren’t getting as many visitors and may even be forced to close, but at this moment in time they are staying open. We have procedures put in place to ensure our staff and volunteers are kept safe and we are still accepting donations.

Our donations for the animals are down as people aren’t coming up to the Rescue the same. We completely understand this and know that during these uncertain times extreme measures are having to be taken and everyone has to do what is best for themselves and their families.

As a Rescue we still have to look after the animals, feed them and provide other care items, pay our staff and other utilities and of course, the increased cost for cleaning products. As our donations are down and with Fundraising events having to be postponed, we wondered if those of you that would have brought some extra food for the animals, called in to have something to eat or drink at the cafe or bought something in our shops or at a fundraising event, would consider donating even a small amount of what they would have spent to help support us, as a Rescue, through this difficult and uncertain time so that we can continue to care for the animals and buy the items that we need.

We would be so grateful for any donation that you may be able to give, whatever the amount, so that we can make sure all our animals are kept safe and fed and we can continue to be here for them.

We hope that soon, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel and we can all get back to normal.  In this very uncertain time it is very scary to think that without your continued support and without the normal everyday income of the charity, we will have to reduce our running costs dramatically.  With your continued kind support we will hopefully be able to carry on with the vital work we do to care for the NCAR animals.