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Special appeal for the kittens that got thrown out of a car window

By 15th June 2021 News
A very special appeal for 4 little kittens that came to our rescue recently after being thrown out of a car window.
They have been named Ruff, Tumble, Roly and Poly. These little cuties were chucked out of a moving car like a bit of rubbish! It’s so sad to hear a story like this let alone seeing what happened to them and treating them afterwards. They are such beautiful kittens and we can’t understand why anyone would do this to one animal let alone four innocent kittens. Thankfully they all survived the fall and a lovely caring passer by saw the incident and rescued them and brought them to NCAR.
They were battered, scrapped and bruised and sadly Tumble has broken ligaments and nerve damage in his front leg and sadly will have to have his leg amputated. 😢
Honestly words can’t express how sad this is and why people feel the need to dump animals when there are rescues like us.
So we are appealing for your support, it’s been a tough year got everyone and especially at NCAR and when we see cases like this it just makes our work even harder. If you can spare a £1 or even more, Please DONATE HERE it will help support the care and treatment for these kittens to their road to recovery and hopefully soon they will be ready to find new forever homes.
Thank you for your support, we wouldn’t be here without you! 🥰🙏
If your interested in adopting an animal or a kitten from us please visit our website www.ncar.org.uk and fill out an apply to adopt form on our homepage. We have plenty of animals needing a forever home but we are now only open my appointment only so please follow our easy form and if we have anything that is suitable and matches your family we will be in touch. Thanks for all your patience and supporting our charity.
If you can DONATE we would be so grateful