NCAR Rabbit gift – Rosewood Bunny Tree


These trees help to keep our rabbits and guinea pigs entertained for days and are great for keeping their teeth healthy.

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Our rabbits and guinea pigs love this Rosewood Bunny Fun Tree made from corn, wood and sisal. We like to give them to our residents as something to occupy them whilst we are not around. This toy can withstand gnawing, scratching and pulling and is a great way to challenge and entertain our Belle’s Burrow residents.

Please note, this item will be given to an NCAR rabbit or guinea pig rather than being sent to you, so will not incur a packing or delivery charge.
Your address will appear as the delivery address but this item will not be sent to this address.
The actual product given to an animal in our care will be at the discretion of North Clwyd Animal Rescue.

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