Project Kennel Refurb 2024

Picture a special place where dogs happily wag their tails, surrounded by a setup designed solely for their comfort. That’s what we want to create with Project Kennel Refurb – a project of great importance.

We’ve got some big challenges ahead, like fixing up the place and making sure we sort out the drainage system.

Imagine a sanctuary where the wagging tails of our dogs echo through a space designed for their comfort and well-being.

That’s the vision we’re striving to bring to life through Project Kennel Refurb, a project of unparalleled importance.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we are reaching out to you, our generous supporters, as the driving force behind our success.

The kennels in our barn are not just shelters; they are sanctuaries, places where homeless animals find comfort and hope.

This project, massive in scale and impact, is not merely about refurbishing structures; it’s about creating an environment where every paw print tells a story of rescue, resilience, and renewal.

We envision a space that reflects the love and compassion you have consistently showered upon our four-legged friends.

To make this happen, we’re asking for your support. The kennels in our barn are more than just shelters; they’re safe and comforting spaces where homeless animals can feel at ease and find hope.

This huge project isn’t just about fixing things; it’s about creating an environment where every paw print shares a story of rescue. We want it to reflect the love and care you’ve always given to our four-legged friends.

As the year ends, let’s work together to be kind to our animals. Your help makes a better future for them possible. Donate now and be a part of making their lives better, now and in the future.

Help to get the ball rolling here:

Thank you,

The Team at North Clwyd Animal Rescue

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