FinD out all about our work in this documentary by our new patron, TV Vet Dr Scott

Animal Rescue Centres in the UK are in crisis | Rescue Vet with Dr Scott Miller: Dr Scott learns the shocking truth about the Rescue Centre crisis in the UK in this documentary about the essential role of NCAR in helping animals in need.

YouTube video

Our New Website!

We are thrilled to announce that our brand new website for North Clwyd Animal Rescue is now live.

There is a now a way to search the site – just click on the search icon in the top right hand corner. Things have been moved around so this is sure to come in handy.

Hopefully everything is working as it should but if you spot any glitches let us know at It’s a large website because we do such a lot so there is bound to be something despite our checks!

The website showcases all of our lovely animals that are looking for new homes, as well as our Play Paddocks, our new Equine rescue, NCER, Doris’s Bunker and much more – all in one convenient location.

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North Clwyd Animal Rescue
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