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By 28th May 2016 News

Saturday 28th May

What a beautiful sunny day it has been. I’m currently typing this update sitting in my garden enjoying a glass of pimms and trying to stop my two rescue cats climbing on to the keyboard!
It has been a very busy day for reserves today, especially in our cat maternity unit. Seven of our kittens – yes, seven! – have been reserved today, with people queueing long before opening time to meet them. The reserves are Munchy, Mabel, Mavis, Misty, Rain, Ruth and Rex. Sparky the cavalier king charles also got reserved today.
We also had quite a few departures today. Yoda, Ruby and Brie from the kennels, and Storm & Sky, and Evo & Coze all headed off to their forever homes. We wish them all very happy lives with their new families.
A few of our fabulous volunteers have been at Jollyes in Flint today, raising funds for the rescue. Did you pop along to say hello? Hope they were kept really busy!
We have had a few updates from ex-residents over the last couple of days. Everyone always asks how Luna is getting on, and we have had some lovely photos of her this week. She has a few little issues that her new owners are working on, but is settling well and loving her new life.
Belle the husky went home a couple of days ago, and initial signs that she is settling well are good.
Another Belle who went to her new home not long ago is also settling in and has already found the most comfortable spot in the house judging by the photo that we received.
Phantom who has been gone a little while now, is also settling really well and has an established routine which is suiting him fine.
Although it was my day off today, I called in to the rescue to drop off some cabbage plants to grow on in Belle’s Burrow, our rabbit section. The bunnies all love fresh veg throughout the summer. Also I met up with Rebecca, who fostered beautiful ncar cat Sasha, until she sadly passed away at the end of last year. We went and chose a few plants together and put them into a memorial planter in the rescue’s sensory garden, along with a plaque in Sasha’s memory, where she was buried. I will be doing lots of work in the sensory garden this week, tidying up, mowing and planting so will post a photo at the end of the week so you can see how fabulous it looks.
Karen and I will be up very early tomorrow morning, as we are taking the ncar van down to the car boot sale at Rhyl to sell some of the items that we have accumulated in vast numbers. So if you are after a crate, a new lead, or a new coat for your furry friend, please come along and say hello.  
Enjoy your evening. More news tomorrow xevoruby (1)


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