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NCAR – Cuddle Blankets – Blanketiers

By 17th September 2018 Appeals & Projects, News

Adoption Blanket Scheme/Cuddle Blankets

If you would like to find out more or get involved to help create cuddle blankets for our animals then here is the information you need.

The adoption blanket scheme was started by Lesley Davies after she adopted a beautiful lurcher cross called Maggie Moo.  Unfortunately Lesley didn’t have her very long as Maggie Moo was very poorly.  After losing Maggie Moo, Lesley decided it would be a lovely idea for all animals to go home with a cuddle blanket to help ease them into their new homes.  Lesley got a group of volunteers together who could crochet and knit and who wanted to make cuddle blankets and hence the Blanketiers were born.

The Blanketiers are now a huge army of volunteers who knit, crochet and donate wool to ensure that all dogs and cats go off to their new homes with a cuddle blanket.  The blankets come in all colours and patterns and new families love choosing a blanket from reception when they come to take their new family member home.

Each blanket needs to be about 28 inches by 28 inches and they can be made up into that size however you want.  Some are crocheted as one big blanket, some are knit in squares and sewn up and some are knit in two pieces or even as one.  However the blanket is made up, it really doesn’t matter.  All we ask is that the blanket is about 28 inches by 28 inches.  This is so there is plenty of cuddle in the blankets for those settling in with their new families.

Of course all are welcome to join the Blanketiers and if you would like to join this merry band or If you need any more information about joining the Blanketiers please contact Janet Jones at NCAR or through the Facebook Chat Room.