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NCAR and Abandoned Animals merge

By 30th March 2020 News
You may remember the terribly sad news from last year when Abandoned Animals had to close down due to lack of funding and finding out that the building were unsafe to use and deemed a H&S risk. It is never nice to hear the news that another local animal charity has to close, but sometimes this opens doors to greater things.
North Clwyd Animal Rescue were approached by the Trustees of Abandoned Animals and they asked North Clwyd Animal Rescue to see if they would merge with their charity to form one animal charity, by using their property at Little Pydew in Prestatyn as a branch to the NCAR Sanctuary.
Obviously NCAR want the best for their charity but also saw potential in merging with Abandoned animals charity and to be able to continue the work they did for many years but all under the NCAR umbrella.
So we can now announce that it’s official that North Clwyd Animal Rescue have merged with Abandoned Animals and now the rescue in Prestatyn and the charity shops all belong to North Clwyd Animal Rescue.
We are yet to decide what to do with the property in Prestatyn but we have some exciting plans that we need to explore but will keep you all updated over the next few months.
We are so grateful for the trustees of Abandoned Animals for choosing NCAR to merge with and we hope that we can continue the work they set out to achieve. We are still working closely with the Abandoned Animals trustees and plan to continue to keep this connection, to benefit the growth of the charity merge.
We would like to encourage all the supporters of Abandoned Animals to continue to support the charity under the North Clwyd Animal Rescue name.
North Clwyd Animal Rescue – Our main aim as a charity is to take care of stray, abandoned and unwanted animals, by giving them a second chance and finding them a loving forever home. North Clwyd Animal Rescue became a charity in 1978 and went on to be a registered charity in 1981 and we are very dedicated to all our animals and only want the best for them. Anne Owen our founder is still heavily involved within the charity on a daily basis and is a Trustee, the charity is family run and we are very proud to keep this the backbone of the charity. We rehome over 1900 animals every year and we are the largest animal charity in North Wales and the North West. Over the years we have continued to grow with the help from our amazing supporters and volunteers. We are very proud of what we have achieved and the amount of animals we have helped and rehomed, over the past 40 years and we are looking forward to the many years ahead of us.
We are sorry for the delay in telling everyone about this news but we needed to finalise everything with our accountants, Solicitors and get the final sign off from the Charity Commission.
We would also like to mention that the Abandoned Animal Charity shops had remained open until recently and any money raised from these shops has been used to cover running costs, such as insurance and rents and any money left over will be transferred to NCAR.
We are excited and delighted with our future and we hope you all can be involved and make the life of the animals a much better one, now and for the years to come.
We would like to thank the former Trustees of Abandoned Animals for all their support and we look forward to seeing what the future brings.