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National Military Working dogs Memorial UK

By 7th August 2018 News

We have teamed up with the National Military Working Dogs Memorial uk Fund, that is is based not far away from NCAR in Brynford.

Every dog is amazing but the military dogs that have helped so many people over the years need to be recognised and we feel this is such a lovely charity to support so we want to share with you all.

To find out more about our their charity Please visit their website by clicking here

What this Charity is about:

National Military Working Dogs Memorial charity, otherwise known as NMWDM (UK), was established in 2017 with the sole purpose to establish a memorial to commemorate the Military Working Dogs who bravely served their country in both World Wars and subsequent conflicts as in Bosnia Afghanistan and Iraq.

This memorial will be a public monument situated in North Wales (central location for the whole of the UK and Ireland) and will be open all hours. The land has been donated to the charity.