FinD out all about our work in this documentary by our new patron, TV Vet Dr Scott

Animal Rescue Centres in the UK are in crisis | Rescue Vet with Dr Scott Miller: Dr Scott learns the shocking truth about the Rescue Centre crisis in the UK in this documentary about the essential role of NCAR in helping animals in need.

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Nala’s Happy Tail

dogs nala and fury in the grass

We adopted Nala (was Elle) in October 2022. At the time she has just been returned to the rescue due to a failed renaming and she was very timid, skinny and would refuse to walk even out of the grounds of the rescue. 

She became little sister to our 2 year old Staffy, Fury. It took a couple of months for Fury to accept nala, he’s a spoilt boy and wasn’t use to sharing his mum and dads attention, food or toys! 

But now 7 months later Nala is thriving and her and Fury are best friends. She is living her best life being spoilt with her big brother, going out on long adventurous walks and she has gained so much confidence. She is like a new dog!

dogs nala and fury in the grass

Every dog deserves to be in a loving home and it’s not always going to click in to place immediately. It took me a while to get used to walking 2 dogs and the whole dynamic in the house but now it’s like she’s always been here. 

She has the most sweet temperament and compliments her little brother’s personality so well. If you are thinking about rehoming and changing a dogs life – do it!


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