Mike, Our dog assistant volunteer

mike dog walker volunteer

Hello I am Mike (High Voltage Engineer)

I started Volunteering at NCAR over 3 years ago when my son started volunteering to gain his Gold D of E award, as I drove him there I thought I may as well join in. I have never looked back even though he can no longer visit. After gaining confidence I moved on from dog walking to assisting in the Kennels.

A typical day involves taking care of the many animals at NCAR. Filling food bowls, water bowls, cleaning kennels, providing attention, walking, and anything that requires attention. I learned how to respond to different situations appropriately and quickly while walking dogs mainly. The dedicated staffs are busy caring, training and socialising the dogs all day, the least I can do is give up a couple of hours here and there when free.

Whether walking the straight forward little dogs or the more challenging ones, I feel it is relaxing, stress free, and satisfying after a busy week in work. I love to see the success when a new home is found for these animals whatever the reason for them ending up in NCAR.

Find out more about becoming a volunteer kennel assistant here

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