FinD out all about our work in this documentary by our new patron, TV Vet Dr Scott

Animal Rescue Centres in the UK are in crisis | Rescue Vet with Dr Scott Miller: Dr Scott learns the shocking truth about the Rescue Centre crisis in the UK in this documentary about the essential role of NCAR in helping animals in need.

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Ivy’s Happy Tail

ivys happy tail
Ivy – Collie (now 18 months old)

We adopted Ivy at 3 months old, she didn’t have a bad start to life but had been handed into the rescue to find a home that would suit her activity and stimulation requirements.

We lost our oldest dog in the April and found that our other dog was missing the companionship of another dog and therefore in the June I submitted an application to adopt another dog. Within hours I received a call from NCAR saying that they had taken in a puppy that they though would suit our lifestyle perfectly.

We were specifically looking for a dog that would thrive in dog sports and particularly Flyball. From the first week of having Ivy home she started her obedience and recall training. Within 2 weeks (approximately 14 weeks old) following her injections she started her training path in Flyball.

Ivy is now 18 months and she is running in the 1st league team of a competitive Flyball club. Not only is she a fantastic sport dog but is a wonderful family dog and loves nothing more than cuddles and playtime with the children. We are so grateful that we found she a wonderful dog through NCAR.


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