Dog Adoption

We always do a homecheck on every dog which is adopted from the rescue. We need to make sure the garden is secure, that the home is suitable for a dog and that you don’t live next to a main road where the dog may be injured.

The adoption process shouldn’t take much more than a week to be completed, homecheck included, (this may vary by location). On your first visit to the rescue, we do ask that you give plenty of time for the whole adoption process as it can take up to an hour.
Dog Adoption fee £160
Puppy (up to 1 year) Adoption fee £200
Full Pedigree Adoption fee £300


This suggested adoption fee will help to cover the general care of the dog while at the rescue, and also includes a general vet check.

On reserving an animal, we will need a deposit of £20 per dog or puppy

We like to do a homecheck for every dog or puppy adopted from the rescue as we need to make sure the housing and area that the animals will be kept in is suitable. Advice is always available if needed.

The adoption process shouldn’t take much more than a week to be completed, homecheck included.
(this may vary by location)

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From 1st February 2012 we now have a new policy for rehoming dogs. As many of our dogs come to the rescue as strays we are unable to rehome them with children under the age of 5 years old, as we have no history of these dogs behaviour. We do not home dogs at all to families with children under the age of 2 years old, for the safety of our dogs and your children.

This suggested adoption fee includes all treatments listed below. We have put the prices by each treatment of what it would cost if you were to take the dogs to the vets yourselves and as you can see the suggested adoption donations don’t come anywhere near as much!


£ 47

Per Month


£ 154

Per Month


£ 23

Per Month

Flea Treatment

£ 8

Per Month


£ 6

Per Month

A Lifetime of Happiness Priceless

Please note that unfortunately North Clwyd Animal Rescue will not home a stray pet to a family who has a child under 5 years old.

Sorry for any disappointment – if you have any queries please contact reception on 01745 560546