Christmas at NCAR

christmas at ncar

As December arrives, the holiday season is swiftly approaching, marked by chilly weather and the shimmering glow of Christmas lights.

Present shopping is in full swing, and soon Santa will be on his sleigh, delivering presents to all.

At NCAR, we’re gearing up for a bustling festive season, engaging in various fundraising activities to support our animals. While we have joyful messages to share, there are also some sad notes.

Despite the challenges, we are committed to finding loving homes for all our XL bullies by year-end, ensuring a warm and joyous Christmas and New Year for every animal in our care.

We’ve gathered everything Christmassy together on a special page and throughout December, we’ll be updating it with more news and upcoming events.

Join us in embracing the festive spirit and stay tuned for exciting developments.

If you haven’t secured your spot at one of our festive events, it’s not too late—you can explore the delightful festive offerings we have in store.

We wish you a Happy Festive Season and hope to see you all soon.

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