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Animal Rescue Centres in the UK are in crisis | Rescue Vet with Dr Scott Miller: Dr Scott learns the shocking truth about the Rescue Centre crisis in the UK in this documentary about the essential role of NCAR in helping animals in need.

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Brave Bobby finds his forever home

I was flicking through Facebook early in January when I came across an animal welfare story from Wales which really stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t help but click on the story as I saw Bobby’s skinny frame and sad face staring back at me.

You can read Bobby’s backstory here

I was enraged by how anyone could allow a poor dog like him to get into the frightening state he was in and the tears just fell down my face. My husband asked why I was crying and I showed him the article and said to him at that point, I just want this poor dog to come and live with us, he needs to be loved and looked after. 

We live in England so i didn’t see any further updates on my timeline but I just couldn’t get Bobby out of my head so i searched on Facebook for an update and came across Adam, NCAR’s dog behaviourist, and his first video of Bobby’s foster story and subscribed to his page there and then and followed his story with great interest. 

When his adoption story came out I couldn’t help but apply but really didn’t think I stood a chance as we are so far away from his location. Adam dropped me an email to set up a Zoom call so that’s what we did and we never looked back.

On the first call, we virtually met Bobby and we were both smitten from that point, he was such a gorgeous dog and his tail never stopped wagging the whole time we were on the call. The conversation was really promising and Adam suggested a meet so the following Saturday we went to meet Bobby in person.

We took our current rescue dog, Major and went for a walk together to introduce the dogs and they got on well, we then went back to the house and again, the dogs  seemed to connect and Major initiated play with Bobby. This was all getting really exciting!

Adam bought Bobby to our house next to see how Major would react with a new dog in his house and, considering this was the first time a new dog had been in our house, Major was absolutely fine with the situation. 

Adam and Bobby then came back again but this time Adam walked away and left Bobby with us at the end of the visit for a trial to see how the two dogs would be with each other and also how Bobby would adapt to a new environemnt. We needn’t have worried as Bobby has been golden from Day 1 and has fitted in lovely so there was no question we wanted to go ahead with the adoption. 

We have only had Bobby three weeks but have had some lovely adventures in that short time:  lots of visits to secure fields so he can run around off lead, meeting new members of the family, experiencing new visits to our local pet shops  and even a day out at Dog Fest last weekend where both him and his brother, Major were not short of attention. 

So many people come up to us whenever we are out with them and ask about their breed and background and compliment us on what lovely dogs they are. 

I have kept Bobby’s Batman lead that he came with and people always comment on it and ask about him, they always say how amazing they think we are for adopting him as a rescue dog but I always think that we are the lucky ones as we get to spend our time with an amazing dog who has so much love to give, is an absolute joy to be around and  is a fantastic little brother to Major. 

When I read that first article about Bobby, I never imagined that it would become a reality that he would be part of our family and we would be lucky enough to be chosen and trusted to adopt Bobby but we are so grateful that was the case. 

We are so grateful to Adam in making this a reality, he is truly inspirational and we are in awe of the job he has done with Bobby which has meant the transition into our home has been so easy.

And here is Adam’s adoption video. We love happy endings!

YouTube video
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