Zombie is our most challenging cat. He is two years and seven months old with a lot of cattitude.  We are looking for a rural home on a small holding with owners living on site, for him and for his brother Bryan. We are looking for a stable or larger cat secure outbuilding for them to initially be confined in where they will be fed and litter trays cleaned twice daily while they adjust to their new surroundings. Bryan can be stroked, Zombie has other ideas which mainly are thoughts of if you touch me I will inflict injury upon you!  We need them to be the only cats and they are not used to dogs so if there are dogs on site they would need to have their indoor space area where they are free from interested canines. The area needs to be away from busy roads. We are  also looking for a child free area..

If you think you could help us home this challenging lad and his more tolerant brother please get in touch.