Hi I'm called Zingy this was me in my previous home relaxing in the garden. I am looking for a rural home please.

Age: 2 years

Sex: Male

Breed: DSH

Zingy's Notes:

  • can’t live with cats

Zingy turned up as a stray in a very rural location where there were two existing cats. Sadly Zingy doesn’t like other cats at all so we are looking for a very rural home where he is the only cat in the house.He is only used to quiet country lanes with slow moving vehicles. He is a very friendly lad who adores to have lap time with loads of cuddles. He could live with sensible children over the age of ten years.
Zingy would love to be assistant gardener and follow you around checking you are doing things properly and ensuring you have plenty of tea breaks with biscuits and cat cuddles!
Zingy can’t wait to have the comforts of a home and new people to make friends with.

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