Ziggy is a handsome 5 year old Jack Russel cross Poodle who has been returned to us as his owners could no longer cope with his behaviour. Ziggy needs a very experienced, adult only home as he does have some behavioural problems and is currently being worked with by the behaviour team here at the rescue. Ziggy can be reactive to other dogs and has a high prey drive so is looking to be the only pet in the home. He is unfortunately quite defensive when it comes to things like affection and only likes to be touched when he knows you well, and even then it is very much so on his terms. Once he is comfortable with you and as long as you don’t push things too fast he gains confidence quite quickly. He is ideally looking for a home with someone who has experience with nervous dogs. Ziggy loves nothing more than going out on long walks where he is able to sniff around and explore. He is an intelligent little guy that really enjoys learning new things, he really does have so much potential in the right home, he just needs lots of patience and understanding.