Willow is a stunning staffy cross who is only 5 years old. She first arrived at the rescue through no fault of her own. She has been to a few homes since her first arrival, however, she has had a few incidents with cats and dogs. She has been back at the rescue for several months and we have been doing extensive behavioural work with her and we now feel that she is ready to find a new home. Willow has a strict walking regime which her new owners will have to continue in the home in order for her confidence to keep building. Since her last return, Willow has met several dogs under controlled supervision by the staff at the rescue. Willow can become over excited with other dogs which then turns into fear which is why she has had some issues in the past, however, following a slow, correct introduction with a calm owner her confidence should begin to build up. Willow is such a character and she really loves to play in our secure off lead area. She enjoys fetch, tug of war and doing countless zoomies! Willow also loves going on long walks and exploring new places. Willow can be a bit aloof when she first meets people but give her a few minutes and she loves you like you are her long lost friend! She would love a pet free home with sensible teenagers 16+ who will help and be involved in her training as it is vital that her training is consistent and followed by everyone in the house. She ideally needs an owner who is experienced with medium-large breed dogs who have a high prey drive and have confidence issues with meeting other dogs. She really likes having cuddles and fusses and will make a fantastic companion in the right home.