Valentino arrived with us due to his owners circumstances changing. He is a gorgeous, loving and fun older boy, who has plenty of energy to play and run around. He would love a home with a good sized garden where he can go out to explore, then be taken on exciting adventures as he hasn’t been walked much, so is excited to meet and greet everyone he sees. He has built up quite a fan club with our volunteers and they all say what a beautiful boy he is. We have introduced him to quite a few dogs since his arrival, he tends to ignore them but is happy to be around them, so we are looking for him to be the only dog in the home. He is very toy obsessed and won’t give them up easily, but hasn’t shown any guarding issues towards them. He has lived with children in his previous home, so we feel a home with children aged 12+ would be best suited to him, but that will play ball with him but also leave him alone when he wants to have a rest. He has been walked by many volunteers since arriving and they all say what a loving nature he has and generally walks well, although he is a fairly large boy, he can be strong on lead when he gets his nose into something interesting and will push his nose into the hedge rows to find the biggest stick possible to bring all the way back to the rescue. Even ones that are bigger than the door ways and we have to trade the stick for a tasty treat! Valentino is waiting for his new owners to come and meet him, so he can show them what a cuddly and loving boy he is.