Tyson is a very handsome boy who has been with us for quite a while now, he really struggled in kennels initially and was easily overwhelmed in this environment, he was fearful of the other dogs around and would react quite negatively to them at times. Tyson is a popular boy with the staff and volunteers that walk him and really does enjoy his quiet walks down the lanes around the rescue. We know Tyson very well now and we can advise any potential owners on the best way to handle him out and about. During his stay with us we have done a lot of behavioural work with him and he has made so much progress, he has been muzzle-trained and happily wears it out and about on his walks, he must wear his muzzle whenever he is out in public to ensure safety for everyone. He is now able to pass 90% of dogs calmly and doesn’t show much interest at all. He is mainly fearful of small dogs and those who react to him first, out and about.. as long as you are confident with him he is fairly easy to manage and is very food-motivated which is really useful for his training. He absolutely loves running around and playing in our secure field here at NCAR, he is great fun and is super playful with toys.. he is quite happy entertaining himself and will throw them in the air and pounce on them! Tyson is looking for quite a specific home as the only pet with adults who are experienced with nervous dogs, he is strong on lead at times so is suitable for a strong and confident handler who will walk him in quiet areas to ensure that his stress levels are kept to a minimum.