Woof! I’m Tyga and I’m an insecure boy!!!

Age: 2 years 5 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Bull Lurcher

Tyga's Notes:

  • can’t live with cats
  • can't live with dogs
  • can't live with children
  • isn't toilet trained

Tyga is a super sweet and adorable boy who came into our care as a stray.

On arrival it was very clear to us that he hasn’t had much exposure to other animals, he is reactive towards other animals and struggles when they are in close proximity.

However, when he is in the company of humans, he is absolutely lovely and cuddly. Tyga is a lurcher at heart and loves to run around and play in our paddock. He is a bit shy and lacks confidence, so he will need an experienced and patient owner to help him overcome his fears and become a more self-assured dog.

Tyga will need to be the only pet within the home, including cats and small furies. Typical of a lurcher he has a very high prey drive.

Tyga will need 6ft fencing as a minimum requirement and the fences must be solid and sturdy so he can’t see through them or break through them. He will need a home that is dedicated to his training but also sensible with his handling. He will need to be kept on a lead forever when outside of his home and must not be let to run loose. He has begun gen-con training which he is responding really well to making walks more controlled and so he walks by your side.

Rest assured, our behavior team is dedicated to assisting any potential adopters with managing Tyga’s reactivity and boosting his confidence.

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