Ty has recently been returned to the rescue due to his behaviour in the home with one of the people. He bonds to people very strongly and without the correct boundaries and rules he will favor people and guard them from other people in the home. He takes some time to get to know and trust new people completely, so will need quite a few introductions done at the rescue until we are happy for him to start afresh in his new home. Once he gains your trust, he is the most loving and cuddly boy you could wish for. With his previous owners, they had struggled with Ty’s guarding tendencies inside the home, so the behaviour team on site will work with new owners to ensure they understand his requirements and needs before hand and once he is in his new home. We are looking for an adult only home with very few visitors and for him to be the only pet due to his dislike for other dogs. He can be quite vocal and strong when he sees other dogs up close, so this needs to be taken into account where he will be walked by his new owners, as we have been working hard to give him a stress free and stable routine since his arrival. Ty is fairly food driven and took part in some basic training days, showing us he knows sit, lie down and wait, he did really well with this and has continued to do so. Overall, given the time he needs to build a bond with his new owners, Ty will show you what true friendship is.