Tili is a 1 year and 8 month old Pomeranian cross Tibetan Terrier. She has been signed over to our care due to it not working out in the home that her owner had rehomed her to privately. Tili has lived with many different children which she seems to have found quite overwhelming and since we have gotten to know her, we have found that she does best in quiet and calm environments, she is looking for an ADULT ONLY¬†home. She is also looking for a home as the only pet. Tili is not a very straight forward dog and has lots of quirks and traits that her next owners need to be aware of, she is a very skitty girl who gets scared very easily and will bolt/look for an escape, and due to this she is an escape artist.. although you wouldn’t think it judging by her size, she is able to climb walls/fences so does need a very secure garden. She is also an opportunist and will try and get past you as you are coming through the door so a porch or babygate, double barrier set-up would be preferred for her to ensure she cannot escape. Tili’s previous owner has admitted that she has been spoilt and babied, which is likely to have caused and enforced some of Tili’s issues, she has never had rules or boundaries in place and has been allowed to do whatever she wanted. She bonds strongly to people and if allowed to, will guard them and become quite protective. Tili is not house trained at all so this will need doing in her next home but we can advise on this. She isn’t used to being left on her own for very long at all so does need a home where someone is around quite a lot. She is very food obsessed and can be quite snatchy so her previous owners would put her in another room when food was around, she can also guard bones quite a lot so is not to have them in her next home to avoid any unnecessary stress. She needs lots of socialisation and confidence building which we have already started at the rescue, but it must be continued in her next home to allow her to be a happier girl. Even though she has all these quirks, we do feel she has lots of potential in the right home.

The behaviour team here at the rescue are available before and after Tili is adopted to offer advice and support to help Tili learn and thrive in her new home.