Teddy is a 7 year old Shih Tzu crossed with a Yorkshire terrier, and he has recently come back to our care due to his medical needs. Teddy is diabetic and does require daily medication in the form of injections which he tolerates well. Ideally he is looking for a home with people that live local to the rescue due to Teddy requiring monitoring at our vets. He is a sweet boy who loves being around people and does get quite distressed when left on his own so he is looking for a home with owners that are home for most of the time or can take him places with them. He has been hit and miss with dogs since his arrival and does prefer his own space, so due to this and his medical needs he is looking to be the only pet. Teddy does not like cats or small furries so definitely needs a home without them. Teddy likes playing with toys and going for walks and having a good sniff around. Teddy is looking for a home with sensible teenagers aged 15+. He will require regular grooming which he tolerates well. Overall he is a lovely boy who will be a great companion in the right home.


Any new owners will need to have experience of diabetes in dogs, giving injections and monitoring an animals diet. We will offer back-up support for Teddy and his medical needs.