Ted is a super handsome 4 yr old Mastiff, who arrived here due to his owners circumstances changing. He can be timid with new people, but it doesn’t take him long to get to know you and you definitely then have a friend for life. He is fun, playful and full of love and enjoys nothing more than having a back scratch, whilst sitting on your knee! Ted loves playing in the paddock exploring everything, bouncing around and generally having a good time, whilst being super nosey watching everything that is going on around him. We are looking for an Adult Only home for Ted, due to him being nervous of new people and needing careful management when food is around, due to having severe food possession. Since arriving, he has been introduced to different dogs on site and enjoys meeting them and walking alongside. We feel that due to Ted’s issues around food, he needs to be the only pet in the home, but to continue being socialised outdoors with other dogs to keep him a well rounded dog.