Sydney is 6 and a half years old and originally arrived at the rescue as a stray, he was rehomed but has recently been returned due to his owners struggling with his behaviour. Sydney comes across as being very bouncy and outgoing, but he does have some insecurities which he needs guidance with, he struggled when visitors came over in his previous home and would become quite protective of his owners, however was fine with slow introductions so he is looking for a quiet, adult only home where interactions with visitors can be managed and done at his pace. He can also be reactive to some dogs, especially if they bark at him first. However, since his return we have been working on this with him and introducing him to many other sociable dogs to help build his confidence, if the dog is well-mannered and introductions have been done properly then Sydney quickly becomes comfortable with them and even loves to race around and play with them! We would still be looking for a home as the only pet for him but with owners that are willing to continue his socialisation and training out and about on walks. Syndey requires regular grooming which he is fine with. He loves meeting new people out and about and adores having lots of fuss. He likes playing with tennis balls and having a good sniff around our secure paddocks here at the rescue. In his new home he would love to go on lots of adventures in quiet, stress-free areas as he can also be nervous of some traffic, especially fast and noisy vehicles. Overall Sydney will make an amazing companion in the right home and with a stable routine and strict boundaries, we are sure he will settle in quite quickly and show his cheeky personality!

The behaviour team here at NCAR will be available to give lots of advice and guidance to any potential new owners before and after Sydney finds his new home.