Woof Woof! I'm a big lad thats looking for an understanding home.

Age: 2 years approx

Sex: Male

Breed: German Shepherd cross

Syber's Notes:

  • is toilet trained
  • can’t live with cats
  • can't live with dogs
  • can't live with children

Syber ended up in our care after being found as a stray and did not get claimed, so he is looking for a new home.

When he arrived he was a little on edge and wearing a prong collar but has soon settled and enjoys going for a good run in the paddock and collecting as many toys as possible in his mouth! We do think he uses toys as a comforter and helps him cope. He is a strong boy on lead and will require soembody that can cope with his strength. He is currently being gen-con trained and already responding well but when he sees another dog he will still use his full strength.

We are looking for a home where Syber will be the only pet in the home as we have found him very reactive when he sees another dog. He will get vocal and strong on lead but we are trying to possitivly distract him with toys which is starting to work. He does require plently of physical and mental stimulation and although he is not a massive foodie he does love a kong whilst in his kennel!

His recall does need a lot of work and we do find he definatly has selective hearing and likes to do his own thing or to be chased so we would say due to his recall and behaviour around dogs he would not be able to be off lead in an unsecure area.

He is quite aloof and does like to do his own thing, he is slowly starting to become more affectionate though with staff and much happier to see them. He is after an adult only with no visiting children as we feel he will be able to cope better.

Syber is after strong, patient and dedicated owners who will have to come to the rescue quite a few times and work with our behaviour team in order for the work we are carrying out with him be continued into the home and advice given.

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