Hi there! I’m Spud, NCAR’s very own little potato. I am a quirky boy who is looking for quite a specific home as I can be a handful at times.

Age: 10 and a half years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Border terrier cross Lhasa Apso

Spud's Notes:

  • good on the lead
  • can’t live with cats
  • can't live with dogs
  • can't live with children

Spud sadly has been in and out of the rescue for most of his life, and has currently been back with us since December 2020.

He has been rehomed a couple of times but each time he has been returned due to his behaviour. He is an independent boy, who has had a very unstable life so far; he does have a history of biting in certain situations and when the warning signs he shows haven’t been identified in time – we can go into this in more detail with any potential owners.

Spud does need a home with strict rules and boundaries in place with a firm but fair owner so that he knows what is expected from him as this will help to make him feel more at ease, as will having a daily routine.

He is an insecure little lad and needs owners that will guide him and help him build confidence. Spud is very keen to learn and is a clever boy who is very fun to work with and train. He loves his food and toys and enjoys going on gentle strolls in quieter areas so that he can sniff and investigate his environment.

Spud is friendly with most small dogs that he meets but can react to bigger dogs at times, he is looking for a home where he can be the only pet so he can have the one to one attention that he needs and deserves.

He is looking for an ADULT ONLY home with NO CHILDREN or many visitors so that he can feel safe and secure in his home environment. Anybody who is interested in Spud must be willing to work alongside the behaviour team here at the rescue and get to know him well here at the rescue before slowly introducing him to the home.

Once Spud has built a bond with you his cheeky little character starts to show and he is a very rewarding dog to work with and we really hope the right home comes along for him soon.

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