Wooof!! My name is Spencer and I am adorable. I am very good at doing the puppy-dog eyes!

Age: 6 Months Old

Sex: Male

Breed: Shih Tzu cross Bichon Frise

Spencer's Notes:

  • can live with sensible children
  • can live with other dogs
  • friendly with dogs
  • friendly with strangers

Spencer is an adorable little guy who came into our care due to no fault of his own.

He is quite an anxious, needy lad at the moment so will definitely need lots of guidance, training and socialisation to catch up whilst he is still young. He really needs dedicated owners who will be willing to help him with all of the above.

Spencer does have seperation anxiety and is looking for a home with someone who is around a lot of the time until this has been worked on gradually (we will advise on how best to combat this). He can be barky when he sees new dogs but we have introduced him to a few since his arrival and he has been fine when he has met them but lacks confidence. We will continue to assess and socialise him during his stay with us but we do feel that he may benefit from going to live with a compatible dog as long as the introductions go well here at the rescue.

Spencer will suit a home with older teenagers to live with but could be around younger visiting children as long as they were supervised. We feel due to his anxiety a quieter home will benefit him. He would benefit from a routine and boundaries being put in place in his next home and this will hopefully help him in the long run.

We are sure that Spencer will be a popular boy, but as always, apply for him below if you feel that you can give him the home that he needs.

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