Snowy is male, one year and three months old, white in colour with one yellow eye and one blue eye. Snowy is deaf but was previously allowed to go outside and was hit by a car where he suffered a fractured pelvis. We are looking for a very special home for him as he is very unpredictable in nature and will bite. We are looking for either a large indoor only home for him but with experienced cat owners who will know when to leave him alone or will consider a very  remote home for him that has a long driveway so there are no roads around at all. This will give him the chance to still be able to go outside but in a safe environment. He may be able to live with a quiet cat savvy dog but no other cats or other animals. Due to his nature it must be an adult only home with people who will give him space. He is a playful lad with a mischevious nature.