Smudge was originally at the rescue but unfortunately got returned to us recently due to issues in the home. He is looking for an Adult Only home, where he can have strict boundaries set as he does have guarding tendencies when it come to his food, toys and bed. This will need managing from the start and full support and advice from the behaviour staff will be given to his new owners, to understand Smudge’s needs in the home. He is quite a timid boy at first until he gets to know you, so potential new owners need to take into account, they will need to visit the rescue a few times to start to build a bond with Smudge, also to spend time with the behaviour staff on site. Smudge has a lot of love to give but this has to be on his terms as too much fuss makes him grumpy. Smudge seems to pick and choose when it comes to meeting dogs and definitely prefers calm similar sized breeds, so we feel he could potentially live with a dog pending mixes go well at the rescue. He loves going for walks and enjoys having a mooch around in the garden, but his recall needs working on as he will do his own thing when he gets distracted. Smudge will excel in the right home if he is treated like a dog and not like a baby.