WooF! I’m Skylor and I’m a sweet girl who needs a very special home.

Age: 1 year

Sex: Female

Breed: Staffy Cross Italian Greyhound

Skylor's Notes:

  • friendly with strangers
  • has lived with dogs
  • can't live with children

Skylor is a lovely girl who was surrendered to the rescue at three months old, with suspected water on the brain but the vets haven’t confirmed it.

She’s generally healthy, with some minor behavioural issues, yet a joyful spirit. She spent six months with a foster family, but had to return since the resident dog couldn’t adjust to her presence.

Skylor isn’t keen on interacting with other dogs, so if she’s to live with them, it should be with one that’s indifferent to her. She will need a calm dog that will leave her alone if she does not want to interact.

Skylor’s family will need to take things very slow with her and not expect results straight away. Skylors road to recovery will be a very lengthy one. She does mouth people when excited and although this has never escalated into a bite we do not feel it would be in her best interests to have her around young children.

Skylor is not the best with the outside world and does not throughly enjoy her walks, she will need slowly building up in new environments and for her owners to not move things along with her too fast. She much prefers to be on the same routes where she does not see anyone and often goes withdrawn if she sees another dog in the distance. As she is hit and miss with her walks it would be beneficial for potential adopters to have a decent sized garden that she can roam in. She will need an understanding owner that knows this is who she is and that massive change in her behaviour in short periods of time is unlikely.

While Skylor is somewhat housetrained, she still has accidents, which will likely persist despite training. Potential adopter would need to be prepared to come up to the rescue a few times in order to build up a bit of a relationship before taking her home. Skylor would thrive in a quiet, empathetic home.

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