Barney is a lively little 7 year old Terrier Cross who is quite anxious of new things, including surroundings, people, and other dogs, so we are looking for him to be the only pet in the home. He will need a quiet, adult only home as he can be quite a nervous boy at times, and he is unsettled by too much noise, as well as people coming in and out of the house a lot. He would love a good sized garden to play in. This will need 6-7ft fencing as he can jump high. When Barney is anxious or unsure about something he can be quite vocal. We are working on building his confidence during his stay at the rescue. His new owners will need to continue this work when he goes to his new home. Due to Barney being nervous of new people, he will need a few visits with any potential owners in order to build a bond before he goes into the home. He is a cheeky chap who loves his toys, sometimes a little too much as he doesn’t usually want to share them.. especially squeaky ones! Due to Barney being a Terrier Cross he will need regular grooming. He has shown to enjoy this in his previous home, particularly when he has his coat dried with the hairdryer. He is also a clever boy who is willing to please the people he cares about. He knows quite a few tricks, such as; sit, wait, lie down, and he will even go and find a toy when you ask him “where’s your toy?”. Overall, Barney is a sweet boy who will thrive in the right forever home!