Scamp recently came into our care due to his owners ill health. He is a large boy, who takes a bit of time to get to know you. He can get overwhelmed with new things and needs a confident owner with plenty of time to spend with him, introducing him gradually to things inside and outside the home and desensitising him. We have noticed that Scamp is more wary around men and hasn’t spent much time around them. This is something that potential owners will need to keep in mind, as Scamp will require his new owners to visit the rescue a few times to be introduced to him and start to build up a bond with him. It doesn’t take him long to gain your trust and is just lacking in socialisation with people. He has been introduced to a few calm dogs since his arrival and he doesn’t really know how to interact with them, but has walked calmly up close with quieter less interested dogs and he is much more confident. We feel he needs to be the only pet in the home and does seem to have a fairly high prey drive, so no cats or small furries in the home. We will keep working on his socialising whilst he is with us, but this will need to be continued in his new home to make him the well rounded boy we know he can be. He has so much potential in the right home and with a confident owner, he will be a super addition.