Sarge is a handsome boy who has recently been returned to the rescue due to an incident with a neighbours dog. He can be reactive to dogs out and about but this is something we are working on with him and he has already made some progress, however work on this will need to be continued in his next home. He is looking for a home as the only pet due to his dislike of other dogs and the fact he is used to having all of the attention to himself! Sarge loves people and wants to say hello to everyone he sees, he is a very boisterous but affectionate boy. His previous owners have advised that he travels well in the car, is fine being left on his own for a few hours and loves playing fetch.. he’d play all day if he could! His recall isn’t very good as he gets easily distracted and he will need work on this as well as some general training. He does pull on the lead too so this will need to be kept in mind as he is quite a strong lad. He requires 6ft fences in his next home. Sarge needs owners that will work with him and work on his training and socialisation. We would advise a home with sensible older children aged 14+ who are used to bouncy and strong dogs. The behaviour team at NCAR will support potential new owners with advise and guidance both before and after Sarge finds his new home.