Roxy is a stunning girl who was returned to us recently. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl when she knows you. Roxy can be unsure of new people and can take a little bit of time to trust, but once she is comfortable with you, you’re friends for life! Roxy is hit and miss with other dogs out and about but after a correct introduction she does get on okay with them. She is looking for a home as the only pet but it would be ideal if any new owners could continue to socialise her with other dogs out and about. Roxy is looking for a home with experienced owners who can take the time to introduce her to new people slowly in order for her to gain confidence. Roxy can’t be homed where there is any children living or visiting the home. We hope that Roxy finds a new home with people who have the patience and time for her as she really does have so much potential.