Reggie is a lovely boy who has been signed over to the rescue due to an altercation with the other dog that he lived with. Since his arrival we have been getting to know him overtime and have found that he can be quite timid of fast movements and loud noises and he will cower and try to hide himself. He comes for constant reassurance when he is out on his walks, and struggles to cope with kennel life, so has shown to be protective of his toys, bed and food at times. These are all things that our behaviour team will advise on and help with, so we feel with correct management, Reggie will become a great addition to his new home if he has owners that understand when he needs to be on his own and be left alone. We are looking for an Adult Only home for Reggie, due to his guarding tendencies. Also he needs to be the only pet due to the altercation in his previous home with the other dog. Out and about on walks he passes most dogs without showing much interest but doesn’t want to meet them, and panics if they come close and has reacted to some. He loves to go for long walks and play in the garden to burn off some of his energy and he loves nothing more than to have a good sniff of absolutely everything and chase balls all day long. Reggie loves meeting people and having attention, and is generally a very cuddly boy. He has so much potential in the right home and we are sure he will make an amazing addition.