Red is a stunning girl who was returned to the rescue due to an incident with another dog out on a walk. She is a really sweet girl with a lot of potential, her previous owners did a lot of training and behavioural work with her and this is something that must be continued in her next home to ensure that she continues to thrive and improve. Red is an anxious girl who does have quite a few fears such as loud noises, being groomed, fireworks, traffic and some men.. however she is a really sweet girl that tries her best to be brave, she just needs a confident handler that can help her to learn that these things aren’t so scary after all. She is hit and miss with other dogs and even though her previous owners did a lot of work with her she does need careful management when introducing her to new dogs, when she is on lead she can be quite reactive. She would benefit from having an owner that can continue to manage and socialise her when appropriate.. since she has been at the rescue she has met a couple of dogs and has been fine with them after slow introductions. She is however looking for a home as the only pet so she can get the one on one attention and training that she needs. She is an amazing girl and is so clever! She is very willing to learn new things so someone that likes training would be ideal, she already knows lots of tricks including sit, down, wait, on/off, speak, paw etc. She would be best suited to a home in a quiet setting without constant traffic as we have been advised that she can find that quite stressful. She is looking for a home with sensible teenagers 16+, and collie experience is preferable but not essential.