Meow! I'm Pringle, I love to freely roam and hunt as I please!

Age: 3

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Pringle's Notes:

Pringle is a semi feral cat approximately three years old that originally came in with kittens. Pringle does not like to be stroked so we are looking for a small holding for her that has a secure outbuilding that can be adapted and kitted out with beds and a litter tray. Alternatively, a utility room that can be used for her to stay in initially and then used for her to come and go once she has fully settled into her new environment. We are looking for a home where the owners live on site. Any surrounding roads need to be not be busy or have fast moving traffic. In return for board and lodging Pringle may assist with rodent control although she preferred to eat pringles when she was first found with her kittens!

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North Clwyd Animal Rescue
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