Primrose is a gorgeous big speyed female rabbit who came to the rescue with her 3 daughters.  She is now looking for a new home with one of her babies, 11 month old Cotton.  They are both lovely, friendly girls who have been speyed, vaccinated and chipped.   As Primrose is a big girl, and Cotton is not much smaller, they are looking for a home with a large hutch and run so that they have lots of space to run around in and to play in.  A hutch inside a shed or other building would be fantastic so that they can enjoy having a lot of space to move around in, even when the weather is bad.

These two love human company and love their food even more!  They will happily come and sniff around you to find out if you have any tasty treats, and if you spend time sitting with them, will hop around you and on you, in hope of finding some kale or other tasty morsal!

We hope someone will come along and fall in love with these two very soon.