Hi, my name is Precious and I keep getting told how beautiful I am! I hope somebody gives me a chance, I have lots to learn but I am willing!

Age: 8 Months Old

Sex: Female

Breed: Mastiff cross

Precious's Notes:

Precious is an absolutely stunning girl who came into us as a stray but we do have a tiny bit of info from her previous home.

She was extremely scared when she first arrived and is still quite fearful when she is in the kennel (not aggressive in the slightest, just absolutely terrified). It is fair to say that she has been breaking our hearts. We have been spending lots of time trying to win her around and gain her trust and thankfully she has realised that we aren’t as scary as she originally thought!

She is now showing her true personality and is an absolute sweetheart and greets her friends so enthusiastically. Sadly she isn’t as sure of new people, particulary men.. but from what we do know from her previous home, this doesn’t surprise us! She is much better if she is allowed to approach people in her own time and if treats are involved but can get spooked quite easily around sudden noises and fast movements.

Precious really loves the paddock and running around playing football, she is very comical to watch and loves to do zoomies. She is now approaching confidently for a fuss of those that she trusts and is starting to really like the affection. Due to her only being young, she will require lengthy walks and plenty of mental stimulation in order to meet her needs. She is a strong girl already and still has some growing to do, we will be starting her lead-training here but this will need continuing by whoever adopts her.

We have introduced her to several dogs and she has been okay with those that remain calm, but does get easily overwhelmed by excitable dogs. We will continue to socialise her during her stay but at the moment we feel that she could potentially live with a calm and confident dog, or equally would be fine as the only pet with owners who are around a lot of the time.

Due to her being a nervous girl we feel that she would be better suited to a home with sensible teenagers 15+. Any new owners must be prepared to do lots of training and socialisation with her to give her the best chance of maturing into a well-balanced girl. Please bare in mind that she is only an adolescent so still has quite a bit of growing to do.

During her stay with us, we will be making a start on working with Precious in many areas including – lead training, general socialisation and training, confidence building and work around new people. This work will need continuing in her next home following the rehoming and behaviour teams advice and support, so please bare this in mind when expressing interest in her as she needs owners that are completely dedicated to continuing her upbringing. It is evident that she hasn’t been trained or socialised much before coming into our care so theres lots of catching up to do, but she’ll get there! As always, our behaviour team are dedicated to helping any new owners along the way and full behaviour support will be provided.

We really hope that she finds her forever home soon, she would make someone a great adventure buddy and seeing her progress will be so rewarding.

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